James Wang

AI, Healthcare, Policy

James Wang

Hi! I’m James — a researcher at IVG focused on the implementation of AI in clinical settings. I’m deeply fascinated by the intersection of technology and healthcare. I joined IVG as I’m bullish on the violet teaming ethos of our approach to new technologies — incorporating a comprehensive range of stakeholders within settings like a hospital or medical clinic is the only way to convert research into tangible value.

What am I doing today?

I’m a full-time student at Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine’s innovation school at USC. Though they never went to college themselves, they built a school around their learnings working at Apple, merging the liberal arts with technology.

I like to keep myself busy in and outside the classroom. I founded and currently lead USC’s top creative organization — The OK Foundation. We’ve raised thousands of dollars, built incredible creative projects and formed relationships with Notion, Webflow, Meow Wolf, Bumble, Boxed Water, Iovine & Young Academy and other incredible organizations. I’ve also pursued my creative interests more formally in the entertainment industry. I’ve studied under Jim Gianopulos (fmr head of 20th Century Fox/Paramount), Andy Cadiff (Director of Home Improvement) and Steven Brookman (Partner at CAA). I was a former extern at the United Talent Agency and then joined a former agent to build out the talent practice at Canal, an ecommerce platform for top celebrities and creators.

I’m also deeply interested in the future of education and learning environments. I’ve conducted research under Dr. Thanassis Rikakis (Dean of the USC Iovine & Young Academy) and Dr. SeoYoon Sung on learning innovation at the community. I also lead the community programming at the Iovine & Young Academy — hosting events, leading tours and overall developing more curated engagements for our prospective & current students.

I love what it means to be a student — to be a beginner, to look at things from a fresh perspective and to be perpetually absorbing new insights and learnings.

What I was up to in the past?

I pitched and led an internal venture at Zappos when I was 16 (a deeply formative experience), worked on growth at a Y Combinator and AARP-backed startup (Mighty Health) and did a short stint at SAP in marketing ops.

I actually grew up wanting to become a doctor because it allowed me to do things 1) work with people I admired and 2) have some tangible impact in my work. In junior year of high school, I got my first introduction to a startup — Zappos. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to work with some really incredible people to do some really incredible things.

How about a little fun?

I’m fanatical about great music & great films & great art. My favorite artist is Bob Dylan, but my deepest love is for classical music. Mahler, Wagner and Sibelius have a special palce in my heart. My favorite films are Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) and Yi YI (2000). My favorite artists are Bruegel, Ruscha, Duchamp, Rembrandt and Kandinsky.